Theatre Historic Building Tours

The theatre reserved the right to cancel the tour if it can prevent the main activity from being carried out.


1. Information about tickets
1.1 E-ticket for Historic Stage Guided Tour can only be purchased on the official website of the Bolshoi Theatre.
1.2 The e-ticket is valid only for one person, for the event, date and time printed on it. Ticket is protected by a QR-code, contains information about the payer and the visitor (name, ID / birth certificate of child).
1.3 Children from the age of 10 are allowed on a tour with a ticket and accompanied by adults.
1.4 Access to the tour is subject to the ticket undergoing a validity check of the ID indicated in the ticket, with the use of electronic access control system.
1.5 Ticket that does not contain mandatory information or contains inaccurate information, as well as partially or incorrectly printed, damaged or illegible ticket will not be valid and will release the Theatre from any obligations under it; access to the event will be refused with no reimbursement.
1.6 More information about Guided Tours can be found on the official website of the Theatre under “Plan Your Visit” (
1.7 Pre-sale of tickets for the Guided Tours opens on the official website 7 days before the date of the event from 11:00 (Moscow time). Theatre tours are held on Thursdays.
1.8 Ticket price is 1500 rub for adult visitors (standard ticket) and 500 rubles (preferential ticket) for visitors – residents of Russia of retirement age, pupils, day students of the Russian universities.
1.9 Tour lasts 1 (One) hour, access via the Main Entrance (Entrance №12) of the Historic Stage.
1.10 Time of the sessions, frequency of visits, number of visitors are determined by the administration of the Theatre; changes can be made by the decision of the Management of the Theatre; changes in the schedule are announced on the official website of the Theatre in advance.

2. On-line Purchase Terms & Conditions
2.1 The purchase of an E-ticket for the Guided Tour is available for registered users on the official website of the Bolshoi theatre.
2.2 To purchase an E-ticket, the buyer must sign in to his / her personal account on the website of the Theatre ( under his / her login and password or re-register (link).
2.3 The automated system offers the user to select the required number of tickets for a certain date and time, to add them to basket and to pay the order by a valid credit card.
2.4 The names and ID data of visitors are specified in tickets, and can not be changed after payment.
2.5 The user is fully responsible for all activities that occur under the use of his / her personal account. The user is obliged to immediately notify the Theatre about incidents of unauthorized use in any way possible.
2.6 If the payment is accepted, the e-tickets appear in the buyer’s personal account. Payment confirmation will be sent to the specified e-mail address. The tickets must be printed on A4 paper.
2.7 Please note that unpaid tickets can stay in order basket for no more than 20 min, after which they are automatically canceled. There can be no more than 2 (two) tickets in one order.

3 Tickets return
3.1 In case of cancellation, replacement or postponement of a tour the Buyer may return the purchased tickets.
3.2 Tickets purchased for the postponed tour are valid for the newly announced session, but the Buyer has the right to return the ticket and demand the return of the money.
3.3 In case the tour is cancelled or postponed, the ticket return can only be done prior to the scheduled date and time of that tour.
3.4 Tickets are reimbursed according to their face value. Refunds for the tickets purchased with credit cards shall be made to the same card to which the purchase was made, within the terms and according to the established rules of the issuing bank.

4. Additional information
4.1 Further information on the tours is available by e-mail: and by phone:
+7 (495) 621 3138.

Photo by Damir Yusupov.