Александар Ношпал


Born in 1973, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. He graduated best in his class from ESMOD in Paris in 1995 and obtained a BA degree in Fashion Design and Pattern Making (Haute Couture specialization), receiving the highest award for the best graduation collection. (Grand Prix). He obtained his MA in Fashion Marketing and Management from the UCA, Epsom, London, in 2008.

An extraordinary curious, creative and dynamic artist, in Paris Noshpal worked as Assistant Fashion Designer for Frédéric Molenac (1993/1994) & house of Grès (1994/95).

In Macedonia he worked as artistic director for a series of high-end fashion labels (including his own), as designer of various prestigious publication, and as promoter of a number of humanitarian projects. He also worked as Dean and university teacher of fashion and costume design (FON University, Macedonia; UDG, Montenegro).

His debut as theatre costume and set designer was in 1998 in Skopje, with two plays: Beauty and the Beast (Children and Youth Theatre, Skopje) and the radical dance project Brave New World (MOB, Skopje). In 2018, Beauty and the Beast became the most performed play in the history of the Macedonian theatre, with over 350 performances, using the original costumes and set.

Between 1998 and 2020, Noshpal has made costume designs for 70 artistic plays. The fact that half of these plays were ballet performances (32 exactly) highlights the designer’s personal affinity for dance and reiterates and confirms his superior professional capacity in dealing with the most complex (most kinetic) of all costume technology skills – the ballet one.

As an authentic cross-over artist, Noshpal is constantly in action, not only geographically (Macedonia, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia), but creatively as well. His` collaborators list includes renowned choreographers of various generations (M. Shparemblek, R. Savkovich, J.P. Dury, M. Chaix, H. Viera, M. Schröder, I. Kirov, L. Mujich, A. Leimanis, S. Delattre, D. Lee, K. Lever, C. Cangialosi, S. Evtimova…) and he has absolved and semantically re-authored almost all works of the classical „icon“ ballet repertoire: Swan Lake (Oper Leipzig, Germany, 2018), Giselle, (MOB, Skopje, 1999; 2020-work in process), The Nutcracker (Oper Leipzig, Germany, 2016; CNT Rijeka, Croatia, 2013), Coppelia (CNT Split, Croatia, 2019), Romeo and Juliet (EBB Ballet Company, Velaux, France, 2016), Scheherazade/Carmen (two-ballet evening, CNT Rijeka, Croatia, 2015), Anna Karenina (MOB, Skopje, 2018).
Yet with equal passion and competence, Noshpal deals with the so-called post-modern/neoclassical dance pieces such as Songs without word (ballet triptych, CNT Zagreb, Croatia, 2013), Mozart Effect (CNT Rijeka, Croatia, 2013), The Red Room (MOB, Skopje, 2016), Caligula (Theatre St. Gallen, Switzerland, 2017), Piazzolla/Stravinsky (CNT Split, Croatia, 2019)…

After Sinfonietta (CNT, Croatia, 2017), Atmospheres (Ballet am Rhein, Düsseldorf, 2019) and Apollo (CNT Rijeka, Croatia, 2019), Silentium is the fourth joint project between Aleksandar Noshpal and Martin Chaix.