In the title part in Cipollino.Photo by Igor Zakharkin(From the artist’s archives.)
In the title part in Cipollino.
Photo by Igor Zakharkin
(From the artist’s archives.)
In the title part inThe Humpbacked Horse.Photo by Mikhail Logvinov.
In the title part in
The Humpbacked Horse.
Photo by Mikhail Logvinov.
In the title part in Fantasy on the Casanova Theme.Photo by Alexei Brazhnikov.
In the title part in
Fantasy on the Casanova Theme.
Photo by Alexei Brazhnikov.
As Bronze Idol in La Bayadere.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Bronze Idol in La Bayadere.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet.Photo from the artist's archives.
As Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet.
Photo from the artist's archives.
As Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet.Photo from the artist's archives.
As Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet.
Photo from the artist's archives.
In the title part in Nijinsky.Photo from the artist's archives.
In the title part in Nijinsky.
Photo from the artist's archives.
In the title part in Nijinsky.Photo Damir Yusupov.
In the title part in Nijinsky.
Photo Damir Yusupov.
As The Peruvian in Le Gaite Parisienne.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As The Peruvian in Le Gaite Parisienne.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Compere in The Golden Age.Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
As Compere in The Golden Age.
Photo by Andrei Melanyin.
As Louis XVI in The Flames of Paris.Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Louis XVI in The Flames of Paris.
Photo by Elena Fetisova.
As Clown in Hamlet.Denis Savin as Hamlet.Photo by Damir Yusupov.
As Clown in Hamlet.
Denis Savin as Hamlet.
Photo by Damir Yusupov.


1996 — the 3d prize at the Arabesque Open Competition for Russian Ballet Dancers, in Perm.

1997 — the recipient of the Grand Prix at he International competition " Luxembourg Prize“

1999 — the Certificate of Merit from the President of Mari El Republic for participation in the traditional festival “Winter evenings” on the stage of the Mari State Opera and Ballet theater n.a. Eric Sapaev.

2011 — the Certificate of Merit from the Culture Ministry of the Russian Federation “for the great contribution into the development of Russian culture”



Denis Medevedev was born in Moscow. He finished the Moscow College of Choreography (class of Peter Korogodsky), then he completed his studies at the Department of performing arts at the Institute of Choreography qualifying as a teacher-repetiteur (now the college and the institute are combined into the Moscow State Academy of Choreography). After graduation in 1994 he joined the Bolshoi Ballet.
His master-repetiteur is Valery Lagunov. In 2017-21, he worked under the contract.


Four satyrs (Walpurgis Night. Ballet Divertissement from opera F. Gounod opera Faust, choreography by L. Lavrovsky)

Boys (La Sylphide by H.S.Løvenskiold, choreography by A. Bournonville in the version of E.M. von Rosen)
Interpolation Pas de Deux (Giselle by A. Adam, choreography by J. Coralli, J. Perrot, M. Petipa in the version by Y. Grigorovich)
Gnome Dopey (K. Khachaturyan’s Snow White, choreography by G. Mayorov) creator of the role at the Bolshoi Theatre
Grapelet (K. Khachaturyan’s Cipollino, choreography by G. Mayorov)

Chinese doll (Nutcracker)
Jig (Don Quixote by L. Minkus, choreography by M. Petipa, A. Gorsky in the version by Y. Grigorovich)

Jester (S. Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, choreography by L. Lavrovsky)
Harlequin (Nutcracker by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)
Cipollino (Cipollino)
Shepherds (A. Khachaturian’s Spartacus, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)

Bronze Idol (La Bayadère by L. Minkus, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich production)
Friend to Prince (Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky, V. Vasiliev version)

Pas d’action (Giselle. V. Vasiliev version)
The Little Humpbacked Horse (R. Shchedrin’s The Little Humpbacked Horse, choreography by N. Androsov)
Casanova (Fantasy on the Casanova Theme to music by W. A. Mozart, choreography by M. Lavrovsky)

1st variation in Pas d’action (creator of the role), John Bull/Passiphonte (C. Pugni’s La Fille du Pharaon, choreography by P. Lacotte after M. Petipa)

Fool (Swan Lakeby P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by A. Gorsky, M. Petipa, L. Ivanov in the version by Y. Grigorovich)

Alain (La Fille mal gardée by L. Hérold, choreography by F. Ashton)

Dance with a drum (La Bayadère)
Tybalt (S. Prokofiev’s Romeo and Julie, Declan Donellan and Radu Poklitaru production) creator of the role

Saracenic Dance (Raimonda by A. Glazunov, choreography by M. Petipa, Y.Grigorovich production)
Tarantella (music by L.M.Gottschalk, choreography by G. Balanchine)
Postmaster (Ward # 6 to music by A. Part; choreography by Radu Poklitaru) creator of the role
Three Soloists (Y. Krasavin’s Magrittomania, choreography by Y. Possokhov) was among the creators of this ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre

Philostrat (Puck) (A Midnight’s Summer Dream to music by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and G. Ligeti, choreography by J. Neumeier)
Peruvian (Gaite parisienne to music by J. Offenbach in M. Rozental’s adaptation, choreography by L. Myasin)
Colas (La Fille mal gardée )
Soloist (Igor Stravinsky’s Jeu de cards, choreography by Alexei Ratmansky) was among the creators of this ballet

Friend to Prince, Waltz’ Soloist (S. Prokofiev’s Cinderella, Y. Possokhov and Y. Borisov production) was among the creators of this ballet
Variety show compere (D. Shostakovich’s The Golden Age, choreography by Yuri Grigorovich)

Soloist (Philip Glass’ In the Upper Room, choreography by T. Tharp) was among the creators of this ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre
Pas d’Esclaves (Le Corsaire by A. Adam, production and new choreography by A. Ratmansky and Y. Burlaka after M. Petipa)
part in Class Concert (to music by A.Glazunov, A. Lyadov, A. Rubinstein, D. Shostakovich, choreography by A. Messerer)

Pas de trois (Grand Pas classique for the ballet Paquita by L.Minkus, choreography by M. Petipa, new choreographic version by Y. Burlaka) was among the creators

Gringoire (C. Pugni’s Esmeralda, choreography by M. Petipa, production and new choreographic version by Y. Burlaka, V. Medvedev)

Ballet master (Illusions perdues by L. Desyatnikov, choreography by A. Ratmansky)

King Louis XVI (B. Asfiev’s The Flames of Paris, production and new choreography by A. Ratmansky after V. Vainonen)
Pas de trois in Emeralds (Part I of Jewels, music by G. Faure, choreography by G. Balanchine)
Skomorokhs (Ivan the Terrible to music by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Y. Grigorovich)

Bidet, Pedestrians, Embrios (Kvartira, music by Fleshquartet, choreography by M. Ek )
Tractor Driver, Accordionist (D. Shostakovich’s The Bright Stream, choreography by A. Ratmansky production)
Gamache (Don Quixote, A. Fadeyechev’s version)
Groom, Pepinelli (Marco Spada to music by D.-F.-E. Auber, choreography by P. Lacotte after J. Mazilier)

Gremio (The Taming of the Shrew to music by D. Shostakovich, choreography by J.-C. Maillot)

Yorick (Hamlet to music by D. Shostakovich, D. Donnelan and R. Poklitary production) — creator of the role

He danced Horseman (Polovtsian Dances in Prince Igor by A. Borodin, choreography by K. Goleizovsky) at the celebratory Bolshoi’s gala opening concert.
He took part in the youth “New Year premiers” of the Bolshoi Theater (1997), performing in the duet number “Improvisation”, D. Peregudov’s production.
In 2008 he participated in the Bolshoi Theatre’s Studio of New Choreography project. There he danced the choreographic number Heroic, included in the 1st department of the Studio — inspired by Scriabiniana, K. Goleizovsky choreography.
He apperared as James in H. Levenskiold’s La Sylphide with the Ballet Company of Bashkir state opera and ballet theater (Ufa, 2004)

In 2004 he danced the title role in Nijinsky ballet to music by S. Rachmaninov (choreography L. Lavrovsky).


In 2009 he performed the title role in Spartacus — the triumph of Rome (choreography K. Ivanov) at the International ballet festival n.a. Galina Ulanova in Ioshkar Ola.
In 2010 he danced Stranger at the premiere of Le Sacre du printemps ballet by I. Stravinsky (choreography S. Bobrov) at the Krasnoyarsk opera and Ballet Theater. The premiere took place as part of the 1st International Forum “Ballet XXI century”. He also danced there the role of Shepherd in Spartacus with the ballet company of that theater.
In 2011 he danced Mozart in Mozart and Salieri to music by W.I. Mozart and A. Salieri (choreography by V. Bokkadoro) on the stage of Krasnoyarsk opera and Ballet Theater in the course of the “Krasnoyarsk-Paris” Russian-French cultural festival.
He has appeared in a number of gala-concerts and has a vast concert repertoire.
In 2004 he danced the concert number Narcissus to music by N. Cherepnin (choreography by K. Goleizovsky) in the gala-concert in honor of the Ballet magazine Soul of Dance prize decennary. Vladimir Vasiliev, for whom the number was initially staged, stated that Denis Medvedev was one of its best performers.

In 2003, Denis starred in the film-ballet “Edith Piaf”, choreographed by M. Lavrovsky.