2021 — 1st award of the Musical theatre directors’ laboratory within the framework of the 5th festival “Biennale of Theatre Art. Lessons of Directorship” (Moscow);
2022 — 1st award of the 5th International Competition of Young Opera Directors “Nano-Opera” (Moscow).

Мария Фомичёва


Graduated from the Vishnevskaya College of Music and Theatre Art. Later studied at the Russian Institute of Theatre Art — GITIS under the master G. Isaakyan on two courses Artist of Musical Theatre (2017) and Director of Musical Theatre (2022). Trained under the leadership of Theodoros Terzopoulos at Attis Theatre (Athens).

Since 2017 has worked at the Moscow State Academic Children’s Musical Theatre named after N. I. Sats. Teaches on the course of G. Isaakyan at the GITIS.

At the Moscow State Academic Children’s Musical Theatre named after N. I. Sats, as an assistant to Artistic Director, Chief Director of the theatre, G. Isaakyan, she participated in the staging of the operas Christmas Eve by N. Rimsky-Korsakov (2017), L'Orfeo by C. Monteverdi (2018), Les Enfants Terribles by P. Glass (2020), The Love for Three Zuckerbrins by K. Komoltsev (2022) and others; the performance Pierrot lunaire based on the vocal-instrumental cycle of the same name by A. Schoenberg (2017); the immersive performance for children and adults Dreams of Kashtanka to music by M. Bronner (2022).

Together with Maimonid State Classical Academy (now the Institute “Maimonid Academy”, part of the Kosygin Russian State University) she realised the production of La Boheme / Le cinema based on the opera La Boheme by G. Puccini (Moscow International House of Music, 2018).

She was the director and author of the idea and staging of the play A Midsummer Night's Dream (Purcell) (Britten) based on B. Britten’s opera A Midsummer Night's Dream and H. Purcell’s opera The Fairy Queen (THEATRE-GITIS, 2020).

She participated in the laboratory for young opera directors Baikal opera lab., at the Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after G. Ts. Tsydynzhapova, where she presented a sketch of the opera Cavalleria rusticana by P. Mascagni, and also took part in theatre festivals, including the Cherry Forest, Seeing the Music and Your Chance.