Игорь Верник


He graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School in 1984 (course of I. Tarkhanov). In 1986 was accepted into the troupe of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

Played in such performances as: Tartuffe by J.-B. Moliere (Damis), Barbarians by M. Gorky (Drobyazgin), Yama/ The Pit by A. Kuprin (Likhonin), Three Sisters by A. Chekhov (Fedotik), Sanctimonious persons' Kabala by M. Bulgakov (The Marquis de Lessak), Ivanov by A. Chekhov (Borkin), W. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream (Theseus), W. Shakespeare’s King Lear (Goneril),  The Pickwick Club after Ch. Dickens' novel (Dodson), Retro by A. Galin (Leonid), The Event by V. Nabokov (Revshin).

Currently busy in performances: Primadonnas by K. Ludwig (Duncan), The New American by A. Mariamov and S. Dovlatov (Baskin), The Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov (Georges Bengalsky), The Witness for the Prosecution by A. Christie (Leonard Vole), №13D after R. Cooney’s Out of Order (Richard Willy), The Musketeers. The Saga. Part One/ created by K. Bogomolov, romantic epic trash based on the novel by A. Dumas (Aramis), Central Park West by W. Allen (Sam), The Dragon by E. Schwartz (the title role).
He also acts in films.