Татьяна Баганова


Tatiana Baganova was born in the Tyumen region. In 1990, after graduating from the choreography department at the Moscow State Art and Cultural University, Tatiana started working as a dancer in Yekaterinburg’s Provincial Dances Theatre, where she later became an artistic director.

In 1993 -1994, she was in residence at the American Dance Festival. She has taught at the ADF Six Week School numerous times since 1999. Tatiana created five ADF-commissioned works for the International Choreographers Commissioning Program and the Past/Forward program: Maple Garden, Lazy Susan, Wings at Tea, Post-Engagement. Diptych. Part II and Sepia. All of them were later staged at the Provincial Dances Theatre and were recognized in Russia and abroad. Maple Garden won the 2001 Golden Mask award for “best choreography” and “best production”. Post-Engagement won the 2008 Golden Mask award for “best modern dance”. Tatiana’s 2000 staging of Stravinsky’s Les Noces won a Golden Mask and has been called “the first icon in new Russian dance”.

As a dancer, Tatiana took part in the productions of many Russian and foreign choreographers. She is a frequent collaborator in international projects and has worked in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, and Germany.

In the 2003-04 Bolshoi Theater season, she took part in staging The Fiery Angel opera by S. Prokofiev.

As a choreographer, Tatiana participated in the production of the first Russian epoch musical Catherine the Great: Musical Chronicles of the Imperial Ages (2008) and the musical The Pit (2013) at the Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Musical Comedy.

In 2013 Tatiana was invited by the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow to stage Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring as a part of the international project “Century of The Rite of Spring-Century of Modernism”, which won a Golden Mask for “best modern dance work” and “best producer’s work” in musical theater.

In 2015, she choreographed for the productions of The Little Mermaid (Yekaterinburg Theater for the Youth, produced by Roman Theodori), Lulu (Bavarian State Opera, produced by Dmitry Chernyakov), and Carmen (Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater, produced by Alexander Titel).

She also was one of the choreographers in the second season of the Big Ballet TV project on the Kultura channel.