Семен Спивак


Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics in 1972, and from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (1979), Faculty of Dramatic Art, M.L. Rehels and I.R. Stockbant class. In 1980-84 – stage director of the Lenin Komsomol Theatre, and in 1984-86 – of the Lensoviet Theatre. In 1986-89 he was the head of the Young Theatre drama ensemble affiliated with Lenconcert. In 1989 Spivak became chief director, and in 1992 – artistic director of the Youth Theatre on the Fontanka.

Semyon Spivak is a director, pedagogue and one of the most prominent figures of Russian theater, who has contributed greatly to the culture of St. Petersburg and has found his own unique place in Russian theater scene. He nurtured many generations of artists, paying great attention to continuity of acting traditions, and created a unique top-notch ensemble. The fame of the St. Petersburg Youth Theatre on the Fontanka is primarily connected with the artistic course of its director. Semyon Spivak has built a unique theatre that strives for an open dialogue with its audience and enjoys well-deserved recognition.

Semyon Spivak has received high governmental and creative awards, including the Star of Creativeness Order, the Order of Friendship, the Order of Honor, the St. Petersburg Government Prize in Literature, Art and Architecture for Outstanding Contribution to St. Petersburg Culture, the G.A. Tovstonogov Award for Outstanding Contribution to Theatrical Art as part of the highest theatre award of St. Petersburg, the ‘Golden Sofit’, and the Russian Government Award in Culture.