In the title part in Cinderella.Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
In the title part in Cinderella.
Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
As Maria in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai.Khan Girei Esfandiyar Kashani.Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
As Maria in The Fountain of Bakhchisarai.
Khan Girei Esfandiyar Kashani.
Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
As Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty. Maris Liepa as Prince Desire.Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
As Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty. Maris Liepa as Prince Desire.
Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
As Muse in Paganini.Yaroslav Sekh as Paganini.Photo by Nikolai Sakhovsky.
As Muse in Paganini.
Yaroslav Sekh as Paganini.
Photo by Nikolai Sakhovsky.
Chopiniana.With Maris Liepa.Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
With Maris Liepa.
Photo from the Bolshoi Theatre museum.
In the title part in Giselle.Photo by Boris Borisov.
In the title part in Giselle.
Photo by Boris Borisov.
In tht title part in Anna Karenina.Alexander Godunov as Vronsky.Photo by Georgy Soloviev.
In tht title part in Anna Karenina.
Alexander Godunov as Vronsky.
Photo by Georgy Soloviev.


1955 — I prize at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Warsaw

1959 — was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour

1961 — received the title Honored Artist of the RSFSR (Russian Federation)

1965 — People’s Artist of the RSFSR

1976 — People’s Artist of the USSR.

2001 — was awarded the Order of Honour

2003 г. — she was awarded the Ballet magazine Soul of Dance prize (Teacher nomination)



She was born in Leningrad on February 1st, 1934. In 1952 she finished the Moscow Choreographic School under Galina Petrova (now the Moscow State Choreographic Academy) and joined the Bolshoi Ballet Company. She refined her excellence under the guidance of Marina Semenova.

Fairly often she danced duets with Maris Liepa with a stunning success. Nikolay Fadeechev, Vladimir Tikhonov, Mikhail Lavrovsky, Yuri Vladimirov also were among her partners.

In 1980 she graduated from the Ballet-master faculty of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) n.a. A.V. Lunacharsky (now RATI/ The Russian Academy of theatrical arts) and became a teacher-repetiteur at the Bolshoi. She rehearsed Chopiniana with Lyudmila Semenyaka. For a long time she was a teacher-repetiteur of Galina Stepanenko, Anna Antonicheva, Ekaterina Shipulina.

At present she works with Nelli Kobakhidze, Olga Smirnova, Chinara Alizade, Anna Tikhomirova, Joo Yun Bae, Anna Okuneva and other ballerinas.

She runs a class.

Since 1988 she has been acting as a choreographer-director. She revived Grand Pas from the ballet Paquita by L. Minkus (choreography by M. Petipa) and Pas de Quatre to music by C Pugni (choreography by J. Perrot in A. Dolin version) at the Bolshoi.


Masha (Nutcracker by by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by V. Vainonen, 1951)

Cinderella (Cinderella by S. Prokofiev, choreography by R. Zakharov, 1954)

Maria (Boris Asafiev’s The Fountain of Bakhchisaray; choreography by R. Zakharov, 1962)

Girl-bird (Shurale, Music by F. Yarullin, production by Y. Yakobson, 1955)

Princess Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty by P. Tchaikovsky, choreography by A. Messerer, M. Gabovich, 1955)

Gayane (Gayane by A. Khachaturian, choreography by E. Kaplan, 1957)

Queen of Dryads (Don Quixote by L. Minkus, choreography by Alexander Gorsky, 1959)

Juliet (Romeo and Juliet by S. Prokofiev. Choreography by L. Lavrovsky, 1959)

Katerina (Stone Flower by S. Prokofiev, choreography by Yuri Grigorovich, 1959) — creator of the role at the Bolshoi Theater

Vodyanitsa (Rodion Shchedrin’s The Humpbacked Horse; choreography by A. Radunsky, 1960) — creator of the role

Muse (Paganini to the music by Sergei Rakhmaninov. Choreography by Leonid Lavrovsky, 1960) — creator of the role

Giselle (Giselle by A. Adam; choreography by Jean Coralli, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa, production by L. Lavrovsky, 1961)

The Mistress of the Copper Mountain (Stone Flower, 1961)

Diane de Mireille (Boris Asfiev’s The Flames of Paris. Production and new choreography by Alexei Ratmansky after Vasily Vainonen)

Phrygia (A. Khachaturian’s Spartacus, choreography by Y. Grigorovich, 1962)

Odette-Odile (Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky. Choreography by A. Gorsky, Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, A. Messerer, 1965)

Shireen (A Legend of Love. Music by Arif Melikov. choreography by Yuri Grigorovich, 1965)

Girl (Le specter de la rose. Music by Carl Maria von Weber, Choreography by Mikhail Fokine, 1967)

Phrygia (A. Khachaturian’s Spartacus, choreography by Y. Grigorovich, 1969)

The Bacchae (Walpurgis Night scene in Faust by C. Gounod. Choreography by L. Lavrovsky)

Anna Karenina (Anna Karenina by R. R. Shchedrin, choreography by M. Plisetskaya, N. Ryzhenko and V. Smirnova-Golovanova, 1972)

Princess Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty by P.Tchaikovsky, choreography by M. Petipa, Y. Grigorovich version)

Eola ( Icarus by S. Slonimsky, V. Vasiliev production, 1977)

Magnolia (Cipollino. Music by Karen Khachaturyan. Genrikh Mayorov production, 1977) — creator of the role at the Bolshoi Theater

Soloist/"Symphony No. 40″ by W.I. Mozart (These magic sounds, V. Vasiliev production, 1978)

Beyond the pale the Bolshoi Theater

She started coaching at the Moscow Classical Ballet ensemble (now the State Academic Classical Ballet Theatre) under the guidance of N. D. Kasatkina and V. Vasilyov. She rehearsed with Margarita Perkun-Bebezitchi, Vera Timashova, she also rehearsed with the dancers from the Troupe “The Bolshoi Theater — Yuri Grigorovich studio”, including Elena Knyazkova.

In 1980-87 she taught at GITIS (in 1986 she received the title of Associate Professor)

In 1990-2000 she taught at the Moscow State Choreographic Academy (in 1999 she received the title of Professor)

She conducted master-classes at the USA, Japan, Italy. She has been teaching at the ballet school-studio at Matsuyama (Japan) for ten years.

She also transferred ballets to the scenes of foreign theaters:

The Sleeping Beauty (choreography by M. Petipa) — the Royal New Zealand Ballet

La Bayadere, Don Quixote by L. Minkus (choreography by A. Gorsky), Cinderella by S. Prokofiev (choreography by R. Zakharov), Giselle by A. Adam (choreography by J. Coralli, J. Perrot, M. Petipa), Paquita — Korea National Ballet (Seoul)

Le Corsaire by A. Adam (choreography by M. Petipa in P. Gusev version)

Marius Petipa’s ballet evenings — L’opéra de Nice (France)

She appeared in the TV-version of the ballet Paganini (1974). The TV-concert “Ballerina Marina Kondratieva” (1979) and the documentary “This endless fouettes” (director A. Agadzhanyan, “Classica-film”, 2002) are devoted to her creative work.

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