Beethoven Hall

15 December, 19:00
I part

“In Autumn” to verses by Mikhail Isakovsky
“Siberian song” to verses by Ilya Selvinsky

Song cycle to verses by Avetiq Isaakyan
1. The sufferings of love
2. A dark glance
3. The exile

Song cycle to verses by Robert Burns
1. The Winter of Life
2. The Soldier's Return
3. John Anderson, my Jo
4. Rantin', Rovin Robin
5. The Highland Laddie
6. Wha is that at my bower-door?
7. Gudewife, count the Lawin
8. A Red, Red Rose
9. A man's a man for a that

II part

Song cycle “Wooden Russia” to verses by Sergei Esenin
1. Farewell, Dear Forest
2. Swamps and Marshes
3. I Am Poor Wanderer
4. Do not Look For Me in God

Song cycle “A Russia Flying Away” to verses by Sergei Esenin
1. Autumn
2. I Have Left My Beloved Home…
3. Guard Above Clouds, Open To Me…
4. Silvery Glittering Road
5. A Russia Flying Away
6. Simon, o Peter… Where Are You? Come Near…
7. Where Are You, Ancestral Home…
8. There, Behind The Milky Hills
9. The Deathly Horn Is Blowing, Is Blowing!
10. Hark, An Owl Is Hooting Autumn like
11. Oh, I Believe That Happiness Exists!
12. Homeland, It’s A Happy And Imminent Hour!

Anastasia Barun (soprano)
Vasilisa Berzhanskaya (soprano)
Marta Danusevich (soprano)
Ruslana Koval (soprano)
Ekaterina Morozova (soprano)
Evgenia Asanova (mezzo-soprano)
Pavel Valuzhin (tenor)
Bogdan Volkov (tenor)
Arseny Yakovlev (tenor)
Alexander Kireyev (baritone)
Ilya Kutyukhin (baritone)
Konstantin Suchkov (baritone)
Daniil Chesnokov (bass)
Goderdzi Janelidze (bass)
Alexander Roslavets (bass)

Coach: Ilya Ivari
Piano part: Elena Burova, Elizaveta Dmitrieva