World premiere
7 May 2009, Lucent Danstheater, the Hague
Choreography by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot

Works by L. van Beethoven used as follows:
Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano concerto No. 3 in C-minor, Op. 37: Movement II: Largo;
Symphony No. 5 in C-minor, Op. 67: Movement III: Allegro and Movement IV: Allegro-Presto;
Piano concerto No. 4 in G-major, Op. 58: Movement II: Andante con Moto

Recording by Berliner Philharmoniker conducted by Herbert von Karajan (Symphony No. 5) and conducted by Claudio Abbado (Piano concertos No. 3 & 4); pianist Maurizio Pollini
Photo by Rahi Rezvani.
Photo by Rahi Rezvani.