Act 1

Nighttime. Don Giovanni's servant Leporello complains that his master's libertinage is a constant pain in the neck for him. As of now, Don Giovanni has sneaked into Donna Anna’s, and Leoprello is waiting for him outside. But this time Don Giovanni does not succeed: Donna Anna makes noise and won’t let her seducer escape. She cannot recognize him, though, for he is wearing a mask. Donna Anna’s father, the Commendatore, challenges Don Giovanni to a duel and dies. Donna Anna and her fiancé swear to avenge the murder.

Leporello is shocked by the tragic incident, while Don Giovanni is keeping cool. He is anticipating a date, and in the meantime is about to follow a beautiful female stranger - but then he recognizes in her his long-forsaken lover Donna Elvira, whose suffering only annoys him. Leporello tells Donna Elvira all about his master and shows her the list of his conquests.

Village wedding of Masetto and Zerlina. Don Giovanni sets his eye on the young bride. He sends the wedding party away with Leporello to have fun elsewhere, and tries to seduce Zerlina. She is about to yield, but suddenly Donna Elvira appears and upsets Don Giovanni’s plans.

Don Giovanni runs into Donna Anna and Don Ottavio. Donna Elvira interferes yet again, which makes Donna Anna finally recognize her father’s murderer in Don Giovanni. She tells Don Ottavio how she narrowly escaped the molester, and he renews his vow to avenge her.

Don Giovanni orders Leporello to throw a glorious party. Zerlina tries to placate the jealous Mazetto and is cautious about recounting Don Giovanni. Donna Elvira, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, determined to have revenge on Don Giovanni, disguise themselves and infiltrate the party. Don Giovanni dances with Zerlina and surreptitiously leads her out of the ballroom, but Zerlina cries for help. The affair goes bust. Don Giovanni attempts to put the blame on Leporello but fails. The avengers confront Don Giovanni, but both the master and the servant manage to escape.

Act 2

Leporello is freaked out by his master’s behaviour, but a few extra coins persuade him to continue his service. Don Giovanni sets out to spend the night with Donna Elvira’s maid, tricking the lady herself to go on a date with disguised Leporello. But instead of a date, Don Giovanni has to counter Mazetto and his friends who want to retaliate. Mistaken for Leporello due to disguise, Don Giovanni sends the villagers away, gives Mazetto a beating and leaves. Zerlina comes and consoles her groom.

Leporello is stuck with Donna Elvira who still thinks he is Don Giovanni. The avengers appear. They also take the servant for the master, and he has to reveal his identity for his life’s sake. Don Ottavio promises to castigate Don Giovanni.

Donna Elvira is tormented by the love she cannot relinquish and the inability to forgive her licentious and deceitful lover.