Silence. The Flow of Eternity takes shape. From its depth, four silhouettes appear in the glow of the Sphere. They are Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn – a union of opposing, yet inseparable elements: male and female, birth and death, creation and destruction. Winter and Summer represent masculinity, gravitating to a steady state of certainty. Spring and Autumn represent femininity, inclined toward continual transformations.

Winter starts its journey to life, taking the first step. It is a man who cannot independently decide on his place yet and can barely wake up from his leaden slumber. He is frigid and aloof, but his consciousness keeps the memory of the depths of Eternity. During his awakening, the Sphere shimmers hazily, covered with the veil like a curtain of sleep.

Spring appears, and the Sphere rises, shining warmly. Spring is a manifestation of absolute femininity. She desperately yearns for life and love, fearlessly opening to the Universe. With her profound tenderness and hunger for freedom, Spring infatuates Winter and gradually makes him forget his former aloofness and the Flow of Eternity.

The Sphere frees from its veil and rises into the zenith. Its unshrouded glow lights the entrance of Summer. Now the Man shows his unwavering core; he starts feeling independent and learns confidence and freedom. Only trusting himself and his desires, Summer completely forgets about the existence of the Flow of Eternity.

A catastrophe nears; a new veil covers the lowering Sphere with a shimmer of dark blood-red glow. Appearing Autumn lures Summer into the whirlpool of sensuality and dissoluteness. Her feminine nature revels in passions of flesh and blood and drowns everything around her in the vortex. The world loses its inherent stability, and its structure collapses. Ensuing disasters jumble the crumbled reality.
,br> Autumn becomes the epicentre for the reign of this bacchanalia and dies. Her death is a sacrifice destined to restore the disrupted cosmos.

The Flow of Eternity engulfs perished Autumn. From its depth, Winter appears…