The story is about a boy named Peter who lives at his grandfather’s house.The grandfather does not want Peter going out of their garden because there are wolves around. One day Peter goes out, leaving the garden gate open, and the duck that lives in the yard takes the opportunity to go swimming in a pond nearby. The duck is arguing with a little bird. Peter sees a cat approaching and warns the little bird who flies up into a tree.

Just then, Peter’s grandfather comes outside and scolds Peter for going out of the garden. They go back into the garden and the grandfather locks the gate. Soon aſterwards a wolf comes out of the woods. The cat climbs into a tree to escape the wolf, but the duck is swallowed by the hungry wolf. Peter gets a rope and climbs over the garden wall into a tree. The bird distracts the wolf by flying over his head while Peter lowers a noose and catches the wolf by his tail.

Hunters then come out of the woods ready to shoot the wolf but Peter stops them. They all bring the wolf to the zoo and at the end, the duck can be heard quacking in the wolf’s stomach.