Act 1

The Roman forum. On the square is a celebration in honor of the goddess Minerva. The herald announces the order of Nero: in honor of the holiday a theater and a circus will be opened in the city. People thank Caesar.

Hispho does not share the general fun and says that Christians have appeared again in the city. The crowd does not hear him and directs his gaze to the beautiful Servilia, who goes through the square.

A sacred procession appears. Suddenly, the old man, who was watching the triumph in progress, begins to scream angrily that the Romans are sinners. The crowd wants to kill the old man, but Valery assists him.

Act 2

At the secret meeting, Paconius, Helvidius, and Montanus discuss the latest news. In Rome, anxiety: denunciations and arrests everywhere.

Egnatius, Tigellin’s assistant, tells the senators that they are accused of treason against Rome and Caesar Nero.

Senators want to write a letter to Nero to justify themselves. To calm down, they decide to relax in the company of wine and women. At this time, Egnatius composes a letter. Senators put their signatures and fall into the trap. The guards arrest them.

The fire begins.

Tigellin appears. He is pleased with the work of Egnatius and offers the assistant a reward. Egnatius does not seem to hear him, because all his thoughts are occupied with love.

Act 3

The house of Soranus is anxious. After the fire, living in Rome is unsafe. Wanting to protect his daughter, Soranus decides to marry her to Trasea. Servilia resists because she loves Valerius.

Servilia is terrified. She runs to meet her lover.

Trasea abandons the idea of marrying Servilia. Now nothing will prevent Valerius from marrying Soranus’ daughter, but suddenly the guards appear. Soldiers arrest Trasea, Soranus and Valerius.The grief has stricken Servilia.

Act 4

Left alone, Servilia turns to the sorceress Locusta.

Locusta’s house is full of people. The sorceress receives gifts from Servilia and casts a spell. A ghost appears who says that her savior will be the person from whom she least expects help.

The ghost disappears and Egnatius appears in his place. He confesses to Servilia in love and demands reciprocity. Servilia curses him. Egnatius is furious. He swears that he will not let Servilia leave Locusta’s house until she becomes his wife.

Servilia is left alone. She appeals to the gods. A Christian slave comes to her rescue.

Act 5

The trial.

The tribunal sentences the traitors to Rome, including Trasea and Soranus, to exile.

Servilia is summoned to the tribunal and she, as if delirious, says that her father Soranus is not guilty.

Suddenly, Valerius appears and interrupts the trial. Servilia admits admits that she converted to Christianity. She forgives her enemies and asks Valerius to refrain from revenge.

Servilia is slowly fading away. Valerius is terrified. Servilia dies.