Act I

Friendly, kind, cheerful inhabitants – vegetables and fruit live in a fabulous town. Their businesses and dreams are the same as human. Every morning begins in a common way: master Grapelet mends shoes, godfather Pumpkin looks for the bricks to build his house, professor Pear plays the violin, the Radishes and the Onions walk round the square, and all inhabitants enjoy
a beautiful day and dance.

But today the visit of Signor Tomato has destroyed the whole day. He has announced that soon Prince Lemon is coming. Tomato is reading a new decree: everyone should pay for the sunshine, the rain and the wind.

The citizens protest against such an injustice, and Cipollino, in the turmoil, steps on foot
of the prince. The guards are furious – Prince has been insulted. But Cipollino runs away and the guards arrest his father. All citizens of the town are in despair.

Godfather Pumpkin has a problem, too. He cannot build his house. All residents of the town, headed by Cipollino, help him. But as soon as the construction is over, Signor Tomato appears again. He is getting mad when he sees the house. The reason is that it is built on the ground
of Countesses Cherries. Nobody else has the right to use it. The poor old man is in despair. Cipollino decides to take revenge.

He meets the young Countess Cherry, who wants to make friends with him. Signor Tomato sees this and imprisons Chipollino.

Act II

Strawberries and Cherries have a plan. They add sleeping pills to the Tomato chocolate cake. Tomato falls asleep. Strawberries and Cherry take the keys to the prison cells and release
the prisoners to freedom.

Prince Lemon comes to the Countess. Everyone is looking for Signor Tomato. Signor Tomato woke up: he fought in prison with rats. Countess and Signore Tomato in anger. They want
to catch the fugitives.

Suddenly, they see the light in the windows of the castle, where the Countess lives! In the castle are the rebels. Along with them is the young Countess Cherry, who wants justice to triumph. Godfather Pumpkin should get his house back! Prince Lemon’s army was frightened, everyone ran in different directions.

Chipollino, Cherry and their friends celebrate a victory! From now on all in the fantastic city
will live peacefully, cheerfully and with songs!