Beethoven Hall

11 October, 19:00
Part I


Songs to the verses by Marina Tsvetaeva (1986):
“The Whole Day Was Stifling”
“See That the Other Way”
“Here's Again The Window”
“Where The Tears Falled”
“My Posture Is Simple”

“The Prayer” on poem by Mikhail Lermontov

“Bashkir Girl`s Song” on poem by Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky

Three Romances to the verses by Vladimir Soloviev:
“Close Heart”
“Emerald Eyes”

Part II

Sergei Slonimsky
The Northern Ballad to the Memory of Grieg
for piano

Edvard Grieg
“I Love Thee”
on poem by Hans Christian Andersen

Mily Balakirev
on poem by Alexei Khomyakov

Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov
“Lean thy Cheek to Mine”
on poem by Heinrich Heine in translation of M. Mikhailov, op. 2 No. 1

“The Wave Breaks, And Foams, And Splashes” on poem by Alexei Tolstoy, op. 46 No. 1

Pyotr Tchaikovsky
“I Do Not Please You”
on poem by K.R., op. 63 No.3

“The Gypsy Song” on poem by Yakov Polonsky op. 60 No.7

“Look: There Is a Silver Cloud” on poem by Nikolai Grekov, op. 27 No.2

Vissarion Shebalin
“I Want to Live”
from 6 Romances on poems by Mikhail Lermontov, op. 48 No.4

Sergei Slonimsky
Two Russian Songs
“I've been sitting since evening” on poem by V. Krasov
“Snake-Stepmother”, folksong

Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)
Alexander Pokidchenko (piano)