The search for old fairy tales, songs and legends leads the folklorist Andrei Belaretsky to a remote corner of Belarus – the Marsh Firs estate. Here in an old castle lives a young noblewoman, Nadzeya, the last of the Yanousky family, which was cursed, according to legend, by the legendary King Stakh. Nadzeya’s distant ancestor, Raman Yanousky, lured him to a hunt and killed him treacherously. When Stakh was dying, he cursed Raman and prophesied eternal revenge of the wild hunt on the murderer’s family. Nadzeya is to become its last victim.

In addition, the ghost riders keep the entire neighbourhood in fear. The terrifying hunt can kill anyone. So, abruptly, dies Svetsilovich, Nadzeya’s childhood friend.

After delving into the mysterious life of the castle, getting acquainted with its young mistress, as well as with Nadzeya’s guardian, Dubatouk, Belaretsky gradually realizes that he has entered into a mortal struggle not with ghosts, but with someone real and strong. The scientist tries to unravel this mystery, but he almost dies in a terrible swamp.

Belaretsky visits Dubatouk, only to get convinced of his suspicions: the master of the house is the organizer and inspirer of the wild hunt. His long-standing dream is to destroy the Yanousky family and seize their wealth.