Act one

Tableau One. Prologue

Storm. Everything on earth is frozen and waiting for its Lord. The Demon appears. He is expelled from paradise, cursed by God and people, he can find no peace anywhere. The Demon hates the whole world. The Angel persuades the Demon to repent – then he, the apostate, will be forgiven. But is the dubious heavenly bliss worth sacrificing freedom and struggle, without which the Demon sees no value in life? The Demon rejects the idea of reconciliation.

Tableau Two

Tamara sings and dances. The Demon watches her with admiration. The girl is seized by sudden fear, her friends try to cheer her up. Sinodal, her fiancé, is about to arrive, but Tamara hears a call. An unknown voice invites her to follow him to the celestial regions, promising power over the world. The girl notices a vague shadow, but the vision disappears.

Tableau Three

Sinodal hurries to his bride. Dreaming about Tamara, he forgets all dangers and does not listen to the warnings of his old servant.

The travelers fall asleep. The Demon appears, he prophesies an imminent death to his rival. The prophecy comes true: Sinodal is mortally wounded and dies without seeing his Tamara.

Act two

Tableau Four

Everything is ready for the wedding, only Sinodal is missing. The messenger promises that he will arrive at noon. Everyone is in joyful impatience, only Tamara thinks about the mysterious voice and feels sad.
Suddenly, the body of Sinodal is brought in. While people mourn Sinodal, Tamara also sobs over the groom, but the voice from afar consoles her and again promises power over the world.
Tamara is transfixed. She speaks with the Demon, but then comes to only to find herself surrounded by her family and friends. They think that Tamara is delirious with grief. She asks her father to let her go to the monastery.

Act Three

Tableau Five

Love for Tamara has transformed the Demon: he dreams of happiness with her, not of power over the world. Even the Angel cannot prevent him from being with her.

Tableau Six

Tamara cannot sleep, she is haunted by the same mysterious image and sweet voice. Neither prayer nor sleep brings oblivion. The Demon opens up to Tamara and speaks of love, striving for the good. His passionate speeches gradually convince the girl, she is ready to give him her love and free him from his curse. But the moment they kiss, Tamara falls dead.


The Angel proclaims that Tamara redeemed her doubts with love and suffering; Heaven is open to her. The Demon remains unforgiven, he will not change. In a rage, the Demon curses the whole world.

Tableau Seven. Apotheosis

A host of angels takes Tamara to heaven, to eternal bliss.