Beethoven Hall

15 October, 19:30
Part I


Galliard from the opera Mary Stuart
Transcription for flute, contrabass and piano by A. Pokidchenko

Boswell’s Ballada from the opera Mary Stuart

Daniil Akimov (bass)

Alba for flute and piano
In memory of Gabriel Fauré

Three Sonnets of Petrarch for tenor, flute and harp:
“In a collection of songs faithful to young passion”
“I went against his wishes”
“Neither in the evenings nor at noon”

Translation by Evgeny Solonovich

Vasily Gafner (tenor)

Songs to the verses by Marina Tsvetaeva for voice and piano:
“The Whole Day Was Stifling”
“See That the Other Way”
“Here’s Again The Window”
“Where The Tears Falled”
“My Posture Is Simple”

Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)

Gaètan’s Song from the cantata Voice from Choir
verses by Alexander Blok

Andrei Potaturin (baritone)

Virinea’s Ariosо from the opera Virineya

Ekaterina Morozova (soprano)

Part II


“A Prayer”
from Six Romances to poems by Mikhail Lermontov and Gavrila Derzhavin

Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)

From Four Romanses to poems by Henrik Ibsen for tenor and piano:
“On a lovely spring day”

Vasily Gafner (tenor)

Northern Ballad to the Memory of Grieg
for piano

From Three Romances to poems by Vladimir Solovyev:
“Small Is Your Heart”

Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)

“Fragile Snow Maiden”
from Ten Verses by Anna Akhmatova for voice and piano

Albina Latipova (soprano)

“Country Nights”
from Three Songs to poems by Nikolai Rubtsov

Daniil Akimov (bass)

Bashkir Girl’s Song
verses by Vsevolod Rozhdestvensky

Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)

Two Russian Songs:
“I’ve been sitting up all night”
“Stepmother Snake”
verses by V. Krasov

Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)

“We ran away from the old ones”
verses by A. Delvig
from The Memories of an Old Romance

Ekaterina Morozova (soprano)
Yulia Mazurova (mezzo-soprano)

Piano part: Alexander Pokidchenko

Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra artists:

Natalia Bereslavtseva (flute)
Valeria Voshchennikova (harp)
Kirill Nosenko (contrabass)
Alexander Yurasov (percussion)
took part in concert