Beethoven Hall

14 November, 19:30
Part I

Antonín Dvořák
Arranged for orchestra, В. 122

1. Allegretto, in d minor
2. Molto moderato, in G major
5. Allegro giusto, in A-flat major
6. Allegro con moto, in c-sharp minor
7. Allegretto grazioso, in A major
9. Andante con moto, in D major
10. Andante, in b-flat minor

Part II

Antonín Dvořák
Silent Woods (Klid) 
Arranged for cello and orchestra, B. 182

Pyotr Kondrashin (cello)

Biblical Songs
Arranged for voice and orchestra by Antonín Dvořák (Nos.1-5, B. 189) and Vilém Zemánek (Nos.6-10)

1. Clouds and darkness are round about Him
2. Lord, my shield, my refuge and hope art Thou
3. Hear my prayer, Lord my God
4. O, my shepherd is the Lord
5. Songs of gladnessI will I sing Thee
6. Hear, O Lord, my bitter cry
7. By shore of the river Babylon
8. Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me
9. My eyes will I to the hills lift up
10. Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song

Ksenia Dudnikova (mezzo-soprano)

Bolshoi Theatre Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Mikhail Tsinman