A Play for Him is the benefit of the Bolshoi Ballet’s wonderful male dancers, who are quite unique in their own way. Principal dancer Vyacheslav Lopatin, leading soloists Denis Savin and Igor Tsvirko, artist of ballet Vladislav Kozlov will seize a rare opportunity to stay in the spotlight and represent a collective image of a modern male ballet dancer.

Throughout history, the ballet is a feminine art form, in which the ballerina is the star, supported by her male cavalier, who always remains in her shadow. No coincidence that many performances are named after the main heroines – Giselle, Paquita, Esmeralda, Raymonda, Carmen (Carmen Suite), Anna Carenina and so on… It's highly unlikely Marius Petipa could have supported the idea of the male ballet dancers’ benefit; and yet our artists got a chance to prove themselves in a new choreography and circumstances.

The program is composed of four parts. All of them will be shown for the first time in Russia, and two are the world premieres. Among the choreographers are acknowledged Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, aspiring choreographers Andrei Kaydanovsky and Anton Pimonov, as well as the Argentine team, starring Pilar Álvarez, Claudio Hoffmann, Marijó Álvarez. All pieces will be performed in different dance styles from neoclassic to ... tango. All parts of A Play are of course about love, therefore are inconceivable without women, so our female dancers will perform together with the beneficiaries.