“Everyone has a chance to see The Bolshoi ‘kitchen’ not even leaving his own home!”


Svetlana Zakharova:
We are rehearsing “The Legend of Love” ballet really intensive now, so on the day of broadcast we are going to show a little piece of my rehearsal of this ballet, just about half an hour. Usually I rehearse much longer — 4 hours, sometimes 5 or 6 hours, but this project is called “World Ballet Day”, not “One Ballerina’s Day”. (Smiling)
I love the idea of showing theatre from our side of stage. What is hidden from audience always provokes interest. And it is such a wonderful opportunity for us to show how difficult profession of ballet dancer is. Viewers usually can see us on the stage dressed up in beautiful costumes and make-up, with all of our movements polished. But what they can not see is how much effort we put in. I try not to show this dancing on the stage. But while we are working during the Class you can see all the effort that ballet dancers put in to reach visible easiness and weightlessness. As for me I will watch recording of the broadcast with great pleasure, it is really interesting to see how it will work!

Maria Alexandrova: I think everything will go on just like in our casual life in the theatre. We are not preparing something special for this day, because we want to show our natural way of rehearsing the ballet. Well, maybe I will pay a little bit more attention to my appearance this day. (Laughing)
Honestly I don’t think I will have time to watch other companies live-stream, because we are at a high point in the moment — it is the beginning of the season, we are preparing new ballets. But I will certainly watch the recording later. I am sure that there will be a lot of pretty, fun and interesting moments!

Artem Ovcharenko: The performance on the stage is the end product. And if the dish is unusual and tasty you may become interested in what products it has been cooked of, and want to have a recipe or even come to the kitchen where this culinary masterpiece has been cooked. It is in the nature of any person: if we are amazed with something, we always want to know how it has been done, whatever it is — a new dish, unusually tied tie or some work of art.
And now everyone has a chance to see The Bolshoi “kitchen” not even leaving his own home. I will be happy to share another part of my life with our audience, because most of my time I spend here, behind the stage. There are a lot of people thinking that male ballet dancers do something that is not male at all and that ballerinas are starving and eating only flower pollen just like fairies. And now we will show our real life. I guess many of you will be surprised!
For me as an artist it will be interesting to see other theatres backstage routine. But I am sure that The Bolshoi Theatre also has a lot interesting to share. Viewers are waiting for honest and true backstage scenes and we will show them!

Denis Rodkin:
I am really excited to see how it will be going on. I can’t even imagine what it will be like. It is something new, we have never done something like that before, so I am interested in the process.
October 1st we will show our real “kitchen”: how we work, how we stand up by the barre each morning and warm up our bodies, how we rehearse really hard even when we have no willing for it, so the audience could enjoy our easiness later on the stage.
Many people think that it is not that difficult to do ballet. “Well, what are they doing? Just jerking legs, what else...” And in fact it is a hard work, and we want our audience to understand that.

Watch the live-stream from The Bolshoi Theatre backstage on our YouTube channel since 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m. by Moscow time on October 1st.
It is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Don’t miss a chance!