Young Artists Ballet Program

Young Artists Ballet Program is getting launched at the Bolshoi Theatre, and it will be addressed to the talented artists from all over Russia. First candidates who are willing to participate appeared literally the next day after program announcement, although there is still plenty of time: applications will be accepted throughout whole 2021. After two elimination rounds (terms are stated in the Conditions), shortlisted contestants can become artists of the Youth Ballet Program.

Bolshoi has always been seeking for talents beyond capital. Ballet stars from Leningrad, Perm, Riga, Kiev, Tbilisi and other cities have sparked on the main stage. There was also an intern group in the history of the Bolshoi. Yet, such an ambitious and unique project in the Bolshoi ballet company is carried out for the first time. It is addressed to the young and talented Russian people. However, it is only beginning. When the program proves itself, perhaps, we will be able to expand it geographically.

The idea around the Program is brand new – it is a transitional phase between choreographic school, where the study process does not involve immersion into theatrical process, and the theatre itself, where yesterday’s alumni is expected to be ready for the job entirely. Program participants will receive a unique opportunity to start professional life at the greatest Bolshoi Theatre, to dive into the atmosphere, and, under the condition that they will show brilliant results, to stay with the company.

Ballet Director Makhar Vaziev will offer various options to young talents to boost their professional growth, and a possibility to take part in the performances. He will give a chance to meet and work with outstanding pedagogues and stars – guardians of the traditions of the Bolshoi.