Искатели вне времени и пространства
Opera Les pêcheurs de perles by George Bizet belongs to theatrical antique. It was staged at the Bolshoi once in 1903. The forthcoming premiere on the Chamber Stage will not only bring the forgotten name back but also present the latest musical version. Production is a debut of well-known Latvian theatre director Vladislavs Nastavševs on opera stage.

Over the recent years, we make sure to present opera in concert version (this season – two!). First of all, it increases the number of opera premieres. Secondly, the unbreakable rule is: music director of the Bolshoi maestro Tugan Sokhiev always chooses wonderful piece, which is rarely performed. This refers to opera Mazeppa by P. Tchaikovsky. Concert version will premiere on Historic Stage on 7 March.

Маленький трубочист создает оперу
The most popular opera for children by Benjamin Britten, The Little Sweep, is coming back to Boris Pokrovsky Chamber Stage! The author of new version is Oleg Dolin. He is both Director and Set Designer, and this is his debut performance in opera theatre. Conductor is Airat Kashaev.

Sadko by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov did not make any appearance on stage of the Bolshoi Theatre for a long time. How will it turn out to be this time – in Dmitri Tcherniakov’s production? Let us imagine we are in director’s shoes. His task is to stage an archetypal plot of hero’s journey, which needs to be live and organic for our modern comprehension. Charming adventurer, gusli musician (East Slavic multi-string plucked instrument) exists simultaneously in both worlds – real and a fantasy one. He magically gains wealth and loses it, descends into the sea in order to come back to the land again. What is the actual embodiment can this plot have at present times? We will find out answer to this question quite soon.


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