«Вот как жили при Аскольде наши деды и отцы»
On March 2 on the Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre, there will be a premiere of the opera Askold’s Grave which has been absent from any stage for some time. In the first half of the 19th century, this opera was a calling card of the Bolshoi. Firstly, because it belonged to the pen of Alexei Verstovsky, one of the most famous composers and an outstanding theatre figure, whose activity was largely connected with the Bolshoi Theatre. Secondly, it was at the Bolshoi where his first production took place in 1835 (and the last in 1883).


The Bolshoi presents the final premiere of the now concluding 246th season, but to be precise, three world premieres of one-act ballets combined in one programme: Made in Bolshoi to music by A. Korolyov staged by Anton Pimonov, Les Saisons by A. Glazunov staged by Artemy Belyakov and Dancemania by Y. Krasavin, staged by Vyacheslav Samodurov. The premiere performances will be held on the 7th-10th of July.

Vladimir Vasiliev's sketch.

After a six-year absence from the repertoire of the Bolshoi Theatre, one of this stage’s most charming ballets created on this stage at the end of the 20th century – Anyuta which has Chekhov’s short-story Anna on the Neck as its literary foundation, returns.

О свет души моей (O luce di quest’ anima): встреча спустя полтора века
The Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre hosts the premiere of the opera Linda di Chamounix by Gaetano Donizetti. It is addressed to all admirers of the bel canto style!

The opera Falstaff, ossia Le tre burle will be presented in Russia for the first time, on the Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre. It is a true rarity, a work which is totally unknown to the Russian audience.

«Лоэнгрин» возвращается!
Lohengrin is one of the few Richard Wagner’s operas which is well known in Russia. It owes its success in Moscow, first of all, thanks to Leonid Sobinov and Antonina Nezhdanova – famous performers of Lohengrin and Elsa parts. After they left the stage, in 1930s, the stage presence of an opera about the legendary Knight of Holy Grail ceased to exist. After almost a century, Lohengrin is coming back on Historic Stage: it will be premiered on February 24.

Булгаков и Большой балет
The Bolshoi Theatre is presenting the world premiere of the ballet “Master and Margarita”, a performance created by the same team which realised the ballet “Petrushka” three years ago. They are a Slovenian choreographer of Romanian origin, manager of the ballet troupe of the Slovene National Theatre, Edward Clug, set designer Marco Japelj and costume designer Leo Kulaš. Joining the team are composer Milko Lazar and lighting designer Tomaž Premzl, who are also Clug’s old “brothers-in-arms”. 

Он просто хотел получить от жизни всё…
Don Giovanni by Mozart appeared at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1825 and since then it has returned to our stage more than any other opera by the great Austrian. A new version, the premiere of which is taking place on the 3rd of November, was suggested by the staging team of Tugan Sokhiev (conductor), Semyon Spivak (director), Semyon Pastukh (set designer), Galina Solovyova (costume designer) and Sergei Gritsay (choreographer).

«Там, где русские видят смертельные страсти, французы — повод улыбнуться и пошутить»
The Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre continues the tradition of uniting two one-act operas into a complete performance. This time we have a premiere of the production which combines Maddalena by S. Prokofiev with L’heure espagnole by M. Ravel.

Ariodante opera premiere by Handel will be closing current theatre season. For a reason, this particular opera was planned to become dramatic final point.

И бьется чайка о высокий берег…
The last ballet premiere of the outgoing 245th season will be the world premiere of the ballet The Seagull. The music was commissioned of St Petersburg composer Ilya Demutsky. The production is realised by the duo of Yuri Possokhov and Aleksander Molochnikov. This creative union originated directly from the work on The Seagull. The union of Possokhov and Demutsky has a much longer story: it is their sixth collaboration, their third for the Bolshoi theatre and the fourth which contains a Russian literary writing at its foundation.

«И летней тёплой ночи тьма душна...»*
The large-scale historical opera Mazeppa by Pyotr Tchaikovsky returns to the repertoire of the Bolshoi.

*A.S. Pushkin Poltava

Амстердамский Дневник и мюнхенская Роза на нашей сцене!
On the eve of Victory Day, there will be a premiere on the Boris Pokrovsky Chamber Stage. It will combine one-act operas The Diary of Anne Frank by Grigory Frid and Weiße Rose by Udo Zimmermann. Famous German director Hans-Joachim Frey is the author of both idea and stage version of it. Maestro Philipp Chizhevsky is behind the conductor stand.

«Тоска» как трагедия
One of the most favourite operas in the world is returning to the Bolshoi Theatre after almost a seven-year break. An Italian staging crew is working on the production – conductor Daniele Callegari and director Stefano Poda.

«Музыка Шостаковича улыбалась, хохотала, танцевала, издевалась, шалила, а иногда чуть-чуть грустила...»
For the first time at the Bolshoi Theatre – on the Chamber Stage – is the premiere of Dmitri Shostakovich’s only operetta Moscow, Cheryomushki.

Самый «балетный» роман Вирджинии Вулф на нашей сцене!
The most “ballet” novel of Virginia Woolf is now on our stage!
Commissioned by the Bolshoi Theatre: ballet Orlando, production by Christian Spuck. World premiere will take place on New Stage on 24th March. Bolshoi Ballet leading artists will be performing there.

Сегодня вечером царевна Саломея…
Salome by Richard Strauss reveals a number of premieres of the new year on the Historic Bolshoi stage. This joint production with The Metropolitan Opera theatre will first be introduced in Moscow, then in New York. The stage director – well-known operatic director in Europe, Claus Guth – debuts on our stage. At the conductor's stand, we have musical director and chief conductor of the Bolshoi theatre Tugan Sokhiev.

Искатели вне времени и пространства
Opera Les pêcheurs de perles by George Bizet belongs to theatrical antique. It was staged at the Bolshoi once in 1903. The forthcoming premiere on the Chamber Stage will not only bring the forgotten name back but also present the latest musical version. Production is a debut of well-known Latvian theatre director Vladislavs Nastavševs on opera stage.

Over the recent years, we make sure to present opera in concert version (this season – two!). First of all, it increases the number of opera premieres. Secondly, the unbreakable rule is: music director of the Bolshoi maestro Tugan Sokhiev always chooses wonderful piece, which is rarely performed. This refers to opera Mazeppa by P. Tchaikovsky. Concert version will premiere on Historic Stage on 7 March.

Маленький трубочист создает оперу
The most popular opera for children by Benjamin Britten, The Little Sweep, is coming back to Boris Pokrovsky Chamber Stage! The author of new version is Oleg Dolin. He is both Director and Set Designer, and this is his debut performance in opera theatre. Conductor is Airat Kashaev.

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