Special Program of Preliminary Ticket Sales for performances of the ballet Nureyev
(9, 10 December 2017)


In response to the increased demand the theatre introduces a special program for the preliminary ticket sales for the ballet Nureyev, which contains the following conditions:

1. The number of tickets on sales is limited to 500 tickets for each performance. The range of prices is between 1 500 & 13 500 rubles (per ticket).

2. Preliminary ticket sales start on 18 November 2017 at 10:00 at the ticket office in the management building of the theatre. Tickets can be purchased only for a personal visit to the performance.

3. Preliminary ticket sales will be carried out only on the passport. NB! For adults only! An individual can purchase no more than 2 (two) tickets and only for the one performance. The second ticket will be sold on the passport of the second viewer (at the time of purchase the buyer can present copies).

4. On the day of preliminary sales, passports will be checked in order to avoid re-purchase.

5. The tickets will be printed on a special form; the data of the viewer's passport will be indicated in the tickets and checked on a pass to the performance. At the entrance to the theatre a viewer must show the original of the passport indicated in the ticket.

6. A ticket with corrections is invalid; any changes of data in the purchased tickets are not permitted.

7. If a viewer unable to attend a performance, he must personally submit an application specifying the reason and show the passport to the theatre ticket office.