Thank you Bolshoi Theatre


Today, at a meeting of the Bolshoi Theatre Company and senior staff the retirement of Anatoly Iksanov who, from 2000 up to the present time, has been General Director of GABT, was announced.

Russian Federation Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky and Deputy Prime Minister
Olga Golodets noted his contribution to the development of the Theatre and the successes he had achieved. Anatoly Iksanov, who will receive a government award, has been offered the post of advisor to the Ministry of Culture on theatre matters. The Deputy Prime Minister referred to Iksanov’s term of service at the Bolshoi as a “time of serious achievements”. Bidding farewell to the Theatre Mr. Iksanov made a short speech which ended with the following words of gratitude to his beloved Company: “Thank you Bolshoi Theatre!”

Vladimir Urin was then
presented to the Company as its new General Director. For the last twenty years, Urin has occupied an analogous post at Moscow’s Academic K.S. Stanislavsky and Vl.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre.

“Urin’s candidature was supported
by the entire theatre community and all fields of the performing arts. And this inspires hope. I hope the Company will accept its new leader” (Olga Golodets). A successful manager, who has also done a lot for the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre, until now under his command, Vladimir Urin noted that his candidature had Mr. Iksanov’s support and that in the transition period he very much counted on cooperation with the latter.

Vladimir Urin:
“I am not planning any revolutions, and I perfectly understand that in this Theatre, as in any other, one person alone cannot do anything. I truly hope that the majority of talented people working at this Theater will be my allies for only together will we be able to go forwards.”