Georg Nigl: “I have seen a lot of theatres in my time and can say that there are very few of such a high-class as the Bolshoi. The amount of professional people who work here is staggering — backstage, on stage, in the orchestra pit. In this production I am only one of the small tips of the iceberg, and all these soloist-tips cannot exist without a base. Without stagecrew, lighting effects team, properties team, assembly team there is no production, without orchestra there is no music, without conductor and director there is no singer. I am very sorry I don’t speak Russian because it would have given me great pleasure to have been able to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who worked on this project.
A separate big thank you to conductor and orchestra. Berg’s music is in a class apart, it is incredibly hard to play... But what I heard during performances and at rehearsals was simply amazing. Beethoven once said: ‘Any failure has a reason, any success is a riddle’. And I think we managed to solve this riddle”.