Virtually as soon as she joined the Company Nadezhda Gracheva was given lead roles. Belonging to the ranks of those ballerinas who bloomed and became the ’face’ of the Bolshoi Ballet in the 90’s, she remains to this day one of its brightest stars. In her repertoire are the main Russian and Soviet ballet staples. Those ballets without which the Bolshoi is inconceivable but of themselves are unthinkable and simply wouldn’t work without a great ballerina. Talent never wears thin, as they say, it always contains an element of novelty. But, in preparing for her Gala Concert, ballerina Gracheva decided that to rely on her old repertoire, however talented her interpretation, would satisfy neither herself nor her public. And she has called her evening For You for the First Time...courageously including in it items she has never danced before. Her Gala will thus be an evening of surprises performed by herself as well as other leading Company dancers.
A surprise has to be a secret. We are not, therefore, providing any advance information as to what is in the concert program — you will find out when you come along to the Nadezhda Gracheva Gala.

Yuri Burlaka: “The aesthetic of dance which she represents is a bench mark and of relevance to this day. And it answers lock stock and barrel to the meaning invested in the word ’Bolshoi’.

Exceptional musicality, detailed working up of each part, dramatic dimension, stylistically on target interpretation — such are the undoubted characteristics of the art of ballerina Gracheva, who is absolutely organic in totally diverse roles”.

Taking part in the concert are: Maria Alexandrova, Maria Allash, Dmitry Gudanov, Marianna Ryzhkina, Ruslan Skvortsov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Andrei Uvarov, Yelena Andrienko, Anastasia Yatsenko, Andrei Merkuriev, Artem Shpilevsky, Anna Antropova, Morikhiro Ivata, Ruslan Pronin,Vitaly Biktimirov, Denis Savin, Andrei Yevdokimov, Chinara Alizade, Anna Tikhomirova, Batyr Annadurdyev, Yevgeny Golovin.