The Return of Weinberg


"I know that no one will do more or live longer than is set for them. And I do not blame myself for not having succeeded. I simply know that you have to be born a personality (or a composer for that matter) – you can’t inject it under your skin like a drug: that’s just ridiculous, useless, and unfailingly out of tune. Composing is no amusement, it is an endless conversation, an eternal quest for harmony in people and in nature. This quest is our purpose and our duty as we are making our brief sojourn on this earth.

The artists’ potence or impotence is in their ability to express the eternal, universal truth and shed a new light on it, their own light.

He who succeeds is another brick in the temple’s wall; he who fails is a moralizer who keeps repeating commonplaces".
M. Weinberg