Mills and the Bolshoi Brass


Fred Mills is famous above all for his appearances with the legendary Canadian Brass quintet. "In the brass instruments' world, in terms of its importance and the quality of its playing Canadian Brass is equivalent to our Borodin Quartet", maintains Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra soloist, Andrei Ikov. Mills, who was a member of the quintet for 24 years gave over 3200 concerts all over the world with this collective. Before this, he was soloist with the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the New York American Symphony Orchestra, founded by Leopold Stokowski, and the ABT Orchestra.

The concert this Sunday is Mills' third appearance in Moscow. The first was several years ago at the Moscow Conservatoire (taking part in that concert were Bolshoi Orchestra soloists and musicians from other collectives). It was then that the Canadian trumpeter was invited by the Bolshoi Theatre management to perform at the New Stage with the Bolshoi Brass Ensemble.

Andrei Ikov: "By appearing with Fred Mills we will perfect our ensemble playing and simply enjoy the contact and making music together!"Fred Mills’ first concert with the Bolshoi Brass ensemble, which took place a year ago, attracted the attention of both professionals and amateur music lovers. Moscow’s high regard for the skills of the legendary Canadian trumpeter and his Moscow colleagues is shown by the fact that Sunday's concert is virtually sold out.