Benois de la danse 20th anniversary Celebration


May 22

Part I

G. Bryars
Duet from Meadow
Choreography by Lar Lubovitch, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Lar Lubovitch Dance Company soloists
Katarzyna Skarpetowska
Brian McGinnis

L. Minkus, L. Delibes
La Source
Choreography by Jean-Guillaume Bart, Benois de la danse-2000 laureate
& Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Paris National Opera Ballet soloists
Charline Giezendanner
Yannick Bittencourt

I. Yun (arrangement by Kim Tae-hoon)
Interview with Isang Yun
Choreography by Chung Eui-Sook, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee,
author of the idea & director — Daniel H. Byun, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Arzid Modern Dance Company of Seoul soloists
Park A-Young
Kim Jun-Ki

G. Ph. Telemann, A. Vivaldi, L. M. Cobo
Excerpts from Marie Antoinette
Choreography by Patrick de Bana, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Olga Esina, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Roman Lazik

B. Bartók
De Chimaera van L.A.
from Het Mytische Voorwendsel /Mystical Pretext

Choreography by Toer van Schayk, Benois de la danse-2012 laureate
Dutch National Ballet soloists
Nadia Yanowsky
Casey Herd

P. Tchaikovsky
Pas de deux from Swan Lake
Choreography by Rudi van Dantzig, Benois de la danse-2002 laureate
In memoriam of Rudi van Dantzig
Dutch National Ballet soloists
Anna Tsygankova
Matthew Golding, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee


Part II

S. Prokofiev
Duet from Romeo and Juliet
Chreography by John Cranko
Boston Ballet soloists
Kathleen Breen Combes, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Nelson Madrigal

Michel Legrand, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Duet from Liliom
Chreography by John Neumeier, Benois de la danse-1992 laureate
Hamburg Ballet soloists
Hélène Bouchet, Benois de la danse-2010 laureate
Carsten Jung, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee

A. Adam
Duet from Giselle
Chor. version by Patrice Bart
Korea National Ballet soloists
Kim Jeong Hoon, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Lee Dong-Hoon, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee

S. Prokofiev
Duet from Cinderella
Chreography by Rudolf Nureyev
Paris National Opera Ballet soloists
Laёtitia Pujol, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Hervé Moreau, Benois de la danse-2007 laureate

L. Minkus
Grand Pas from Don Quixote
Choreography by Marius Petipa
Bolshoi ballet soloists
Evgenia Obraztsova, Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Alexander Volchkov
Olga Smirnova
Maria Vinogradova
Bolshoi Ballet artists

May 23

Part I

P. Tchaikovsky
Pas de deux from The Sleeping Beauty
Choreography by M. Petipa
Bolshoi Ballet Soloists
Evgenia Obraztsova — Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Dmitry Gudanov

M. Monk
Opus 40
Choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot — Benois de la danse-2000 laureate
Soloists of the Monte-Carlo Ballet
Bernice Coppieters — Benois de la danse-2011 laureate
Jérôme Marchand

Duet from the 6th movement of the Third Symphony by Gustav Mahler
What Love Tells Me

Choreography by John Neumeier — Benois de la danse-1992 laureate
Soloists of the Hamburg Ballet
Hélène Bouchet — Benois de la danse-2010 laureate
Carsten Jung — Benois de la danse-2012 nominee

I. Albeniz, arrangement for guitar by J. M. Cañizares
Choreography by Fernando Romero — Benois de la danse-2011 laureate
Fernando Romero

The Irrepressibles
Rain in her Dark Eyes
Choreography by Stephen Delattre
With support of the Embassy of France and the French Institute in Moscow
National Paris Opera Ballet Soloist
Marie-Agnès Gillot — Benois de la danse-2011 laureate


Part II

I. S. Bach, A. Pärt
Softly as I Leave you
Choreography by Paul Lightfoot Sol Leon — Benois de la danse-2004 laureates
Drew Jacoby
Rubinald Pronk

L. Délibes
Duet from Sylvia
Choreography by John Neumeier
National Paris Opera Ballet Soloists
Laȅtitia Pujol — Benois de la danse-2012 nominee
Hérvé Moreau — Benois de la danse-2007 laureate

T. Albinoni
Distant Cries
Choreography by Edward Liang
Bolshoi Ballet Soloists
Svetlana Zakharova — Benois de la danse-2005 laureate
Andrei Merkuriev

F. Chopin
Choreography by Wang Di — Benois de la danse-2006 laureate
Wang Di

P. Tchaikovsky
Duet from Diamonds
Choreography by George Balanchine
Mariinski Theatre Soloists
Uliana Lopatkina — Benois de la danse-1997 laureate
Danila Korsuntsev