Competizione dell’opera to be held for first time in Russia



In the last fourteen years the Competizione dell'Opera has established itself to one of the largest singing competitions worldwide. It is the only competition that uses the great repertoire of Italian opera, beginning with the delicate tones of old music to Mozart, Verdi and Puccini and even reaching into the stylistic diversity of the 20th century. In 1996 the competition in Hamburg was originated as "I Cestelli" Competizione dell'Opera by Prof. Dr. Hermann Rauhe, the former president of the University for Music and Theatre, under the direction of Hans-Joachim Frey. Since 2001 the competition has established itself in Dresden and radiates its cultural importance far beyond the boundaries of the city on the River Elbe into the whole world. In 2011 Russia is celebrating the Year of Italian Culture. In the context of this international cooperation between Dresden and Moscow the competition is setting out to new spheres: for the first time the semi-finals and the final are taking place at the Moscow Bolshoi from September 12th to 18th, 2011.

Beginning in March, the conductors of the competition have been travelling through Europe, Russia, USA, Asia and Latin America. In search for outstanding talents the auditions have been accompanied by high-ranking delegations of important representatives of culture and business, in order to establish the network of exactly these talents.

In September 2011 ten finalists will be singing in one of the most famous theatres, to be judged by famous opera and festival directors, singers, important representatives of media and agencies. Here the young and talented singers have the opportunity to present themselves to a unique network, offering them every chance to launch an international career.

This jury, the attractive special prizes and the final concert in the Bolshoi give the competition a unique quality on the international competitive stage.


Auditions have been held in the following cities:

If a participant is unable to take part in one of the preliminary rounds for good reason, the competition coordinators may allow the participant to take part in an additional preliminary round in advance of the semi final in Moscow:
Moscow - September 9 - Bolshoi Theatre

Each participant is free to choose one of the six arias for recital. Furthermore the jury reserves the right to request that another aria be chosen from the six. After the recitals, the participants selected for the semifinal will be announced.

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
September 12 – 14, 2011
Registration at September 11, 2011

First round
September 12/13
Each participant sings one of the six arias they have prepared and are free to choose which one. Furthermore, the jury reserves the right to request that a second aria be chosen from the six. After the first round is completed, the participants for the second round will be announced.

Second round
September 14
Each participant sings another of the six arias they have prepared. The choice of aria is made by the jury. Furthermore, the jury reserves the right to request that a second aria be chosen from the six. After the second round is completed, the participants for the final will be announced.

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
September 17, 2011
Each participant sings another of the six arias they have prepared. The choice of aria is made by the jury.

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
September 18, 2011

September 20 - Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic
September 24 - Cultural Center "Parksale" Dippoldiswalde 
September 25 - Dresden, University of Music "Carl Maria von Weber"At these concerts, which are part of the competition, some of the finalists will present themselves.


The competition is open to singers from all countries who study, have studied or were enrolled at a music college, conservatory or a comparable institution. Private students must provide proof of comparable qualifications to take part in the competition. The competition coordinators may approve participation in the competition after inspection of these documents. Prize winners of the "I Cestelli Competizione dell’ Opera" 1996 or 1998 or of the "Competizione dell'Opera" of the years 2001 – 2010 are not permitted to take part in the competition.

Age Limit:
Women Born after January 1, 1980
Men Born after January 1, 1978

The competition is divided into preliminary rounds, a semifinal and a final. The final will be held as a public concert with orchestral accompaniment. Each singer is required to take part in a preliminary round.

The registration form is to be sent to the following address:
Competizione dell'Opera
Schutzenplatz 14
01067 Dresden
Fax: +49 (0)351 48 48 49 89

The registration form will only be processed if it has been correctly completed in full using block capitals. The following should be enclosed with the registration form:
1. A copy of the competitor's passport or ID card
2. A copy of the competitor's proof of study or qualifications for private students
3. A current photograph (passport photograph)

The competition coordinators are entitled to decline any application without stating the reasons for doing so. In exceptional cases, registrations will also be accepted on the day of the preliminary round. Missing documents in connection with an application sent by e-mail must be submitted by this date at the latest. Written registration is binding. Should you be unable to attend, we request that you cancel in good time.

Each participant must prepare to sing six arias in Italian by heart and in the original key.
These arias must consist of the following:
1. Four compulsory arias from the list of arias
2. Two arias of the participant's choice from the entire Italian opera repertoire

Each aria must be from a different opera. If the arias of the participant's choice are not on the list of arias, the participant must enclose a copy of the aria in question with the registration. The arias stated in the registration are binding. Repetiteur will be available. A personal repetiteur may be brought to the competition at the participant’s own expense. This should be noted on the registration form.

By signing the registration form, the participant confirms that he/she has read these Conditions of Participation and consents to the following additional conditions:
1. The selected participants undertake to compete in each round for which they qualify. Cancellation must be announced in advance with a justified reason for not attending.
2. All competitors agree to participate in all rehearsals and concerts relating to the competition.
3. Failure to attend the rehearsals and concerts shall result in forfeiture of the prize.

Certificates of participation will be issued upon request. The jury reserves the right to not award prizes or to award prizes jointly. The jury's decision is final and binding. There is no guarantee that all recitals will be held before the entire jury. The jury also reserves the right to hear only excerpts from the arias. This applies to the preliminary rounds and to the semifinal. The Competizione dell'Opera e.V. reserves the right to create, copy, distribute, process and/or edit recordings and visual material during the entire course of the preliminary rounds, rehearsals, semifinal and final. The rights granted shall extend to use for television, radio, print media and other electronic, digital and audiovisual media and online services as well as for advertising purposes. Competizione dell' Opera e.V. may also assign these rights to television and radio stations. The entire competition shall be recorded for archive purposes. No fees will be paid to the participants. Prizewinners agree to mention at every performance and engagement for two years that they are winners of the Competizione dell’ Opera 2011. The German version shall be solely authoritative in cases of doubt with regard to interpretation of the text. The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

For more detailed information on Competizione dell'Opera 2011 please consult and Competition Brochure 2011