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Страсти по Дидоне
Not only had remarkable opera Dido and Aeneas never been performed at the Bolshoi Theatre, moreover, not a single production of its author had ever made an appearance on our billboards! That is why this premiere is so special for us – we introduce Henry Purcell to our composition “circle”!

«Большой театр» в электронном виде
Bolshoi Theatre Magazine Online
The 3rd issue of 2019 has been released.

The Bolshoi Theatre and Audemars Piguet have just commemorated the tenth anniversary of their partnership. Press conference was held at the Imperial Foyer of the Historic Building of The Bolshoi Theatre to mark this date. Our loyal partner not only recalled the milestones on our journey together, but also released an exclusive limited edition watches named "Bolshoi".


Один день из жизни мирового балета: 23 октября!
A day in the life of World Ballet Day welcomes you again to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the top leading ballet companies in the world: ongoing live streaming will be broadcasted by The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Covent Garden. Same as in the previous five years, rehearsals and classes will be streaming live will be mixed with fragments of interviews of the leading masters and overviews of other theatres of participant countries.

Not even a decade passed since the announcement of 244th season, and we are inviting our guest to a premiere again. The Tale of Tsar Saltan was missing from our repertoire whole thirty years!


*Alexander Pushkin. The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of His Son, the Glorious and Mighty Knight Prince Guidon Saltonovich, and of the Fair Swan-Princess.

Promotion in the Bolshoi Ballet
Artemy Belyakov is promoted from the Leading Soloist to the Principal Dancer, Alyona Kovalyova — from the First Soloist to the Leading Soloist, Olga Marchenkova and David Motta Soares — from Soloists to the First SoloistsAnastasia Denisova and Eleonora Sevenard became Soloists.

«Большой театр» в электронном виде
Bolshoi Theatre Magazine Online

Новый лондонский сезон Большого балета
For the sixth time this century our Ballet Company is going to perform in London. It has become a great tradition that the Bolshoi Ballet opens a season at the Royal Opera House at the turn of July and August (let not every year but every second or third year).

Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results
Ulyana Biryukova, Atash Garaev, Alexei Kulagin, Nikokai Zemlyanskikh entered the Young Artists Opera Program.


Six years have passed since the Bolshoi Ballet’s triumphant performance in Brisbane. That's probably not so much time for such an active touring company. However, this summer the Bolshoi returns to the capital of Queensland. It will present two ballets – George Balanchine’s Jewels and Yuri Grigorovich’s Spartacus – at the same place as last time, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

Attention to the Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Participants

The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results: Moscow,
the second round, the second day
Tatiana Balugina, Uliyana Biryukova, Alisa Fedorenko, Vitaly Lashko, Daria Khozieva, Alexei Kulagin, Anna Shcherbakova, Violetta Vasilieva, Konstantin Zakharov entered the 3rd round.

The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results: Moscow,
the second round, the first day
Zarina Bagaeva, Anna Bondarenko, Atash Garaev, Anna Kucheryavy, Elizaveta Mikhaylova, Stepanida Shevchenko, Elena Sizova, Nikolai Zemlyanskikh entered the 3rd round.

The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results: Moscow,
the third day
Egor Altunin, Ernest Bagdasarov, Tatiana Balugina, Uliyana Biryukova, Alisa Fedorenko, Zhou Jienan, Anna Klinova, Polina Kumylganova, Alexei Kursanov, Elisei Laptev, Vitely Lashko, Andrei Litus, Olga Nefyodova, Anna Shcherbakova, Tatiana Uvarova, Violetta Vasilieva entered the 3rd round.

The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results: Moscow,
the second day
Galina Barashkina, Inna Demenkova, Daria Khozieva, Irina Kotova, Natalia Menshikova, Yana Pikuleva, Erdenee Ochirsaikhan, Alexandra Sennikova, Sergei Sevastiyanov, Elena Sizova, Georgy Sologub, Oxana Shishenina, Alan Starovoytov, Elizaveta Tselikova entered the 2nd round.

The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results: Moscow,
the first day
Luybov Avdeyeva, Valentin Azarenkov, Zarina Bagaeva, Yaroslav Belukhin, Mikhail Biruykov, Anna Bondarenko, Daria Gayduk, Valeria Lagodyr, Anastasia Pavlenko, Daria Salnikova, Ilya Tkach, Ekaterina Zhukova entered the 2nd round.

The schedule of the 1st round auditions.

NB! The list of the participants is uncomplete. We enumerate only those groups where foreign participants are featured.

The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Opera Program Audition Results: Ekaterinburg
Ekaterina Odaykina and Nikita Fedotov entered the 2nd round.

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